Rota lies on top of a tufa spur, that overlooks the Mignone river. The area was inhabitated since Bronze Age till the Etruscan Age.

The Middle Age settlement dates back to XIII century, when a small fortified hamlet existed: today we can still see a tower, which was part of the original building, that has been incorporated into the later Palace.

The settlement was important for its strategic location: from Rota you could oversee the alum mines scattered in the area between Tolfa and Civitavecchia.

Today the most important sites in Rota are the sixteenth-century Palace (with several fescoes), the Church of San Gerolamo, and the Etruscan Arch, that was used as town gate till Napoleon Age.


Castle of Rota is a well known location to the Italian cinema.

In the Medici tv series Rota was used to set both the Francesco Sforza’s army camp (episode 1x04 Judgment Day) and the village where Lorenzo catched the mercenary Ferzetti (1x08 Epiphany).

Castle of Rota

Hadrian Villa

Castle of Santa Severa

Farnese Palace

Castle Bracciano


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