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Campagnano and Sorbo Valleys - Lake Bracciano bed & breakfast

Campagnano Romano

Campagnano is a town in the Roman countryside, perched on a tuffaceous hill at the foot of Monte Razzano.

Inhabited since the Bronze Age, in Etruscan age the settlement falls under the control of Veii.

In the Roman era, on the summit of Monte Razzano, is erected a small temple dedicated to Bacchus, from which originated the name ad Baccanas given to the valley below, where, in the 1st c. AD, next to the Via Cassia, is built the mansio (an official stopping place) ad Vacanas.

In the Middle Ages Campagnano is a fortified village along the Via Francigena, the medieval route to Rome.

In 1410 the Senate of Rome sells the feud of Campagnano to Gentile Orsini: than, in 1558 it’s annexed to the Duchy of Bracciano, at that time ruled by Paolo Giordano I Orsini.

A basic tour of the town includes a visit to Fontana dei DelfiniFontana Secca, Palace Venturi, Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptist, Church of Piety andChurch of the Gonfalone.

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Park of Veio

Much of the territory of Campagnano spreads within the Regional Natural Park of Veio.

Here lies the Valli del Sorbo (Valleys of Sorb), approved as a Site of Community Importance for the presence of characteristic tuffaceous valleys, crossed by streams that are home to a fairly preserved and interesting wildlife.

Sanctuary of St. Maria del Sorbo

Within the park, at a distance of 6 km. from the Campagnano, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sorbo soars on valleys.

The monastery, built in 1427 by Cardinal Giordano Orsini, rises above the ruins of Castrum Sorbi, a castle which dated back to 10th c., built to control both Via Cassia and Via Flaminia, and abandoned during the 13th c.

The foundation of the monastery goes with a local legend that tells of the apparition of Our Lady on a sorb tree (typical plant of this area) to a young shepherd of swine.

The complex is spread over three levels, connected by a staircase. In the lower levels there are several buildings dating back to 17th and 18th centuries, while on top lies the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

You enter through a portal, highlighted by a simple frame made of peperino: “AD 1487” is carved on the lintel.

The interior, large and shallow, has three naves with ten columns on which you set round arches built with blocks of tufa.

The middle nave has the ceiling with wooden trusses. In the church is preserved a painting on wood (11° c.) depicting a Madonna with jeweled robes and throne in Byzantine style.

La Gismonda

Bed & breakfast in Bracciano

Agriturismo La Gismonda bed & breakfast

Campagnano di Roma


The oldtown of Campagnano di Roma

Centro storico

Sanctuary of Madonna of Sorbo

Madonna del Sorbo

Madonna del Sorbo

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