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Tuscania - Agriturismo La Gismonda a Bracciano


Tuscania is a town that rises over seven tuff promontories, between the rivers Marta and Capecchio, from where it controls the Marta’s valley, that it has been an important communication route and transhumance that connected, since prehistoric times, the Lake Bolsena to the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the past Tuscania has been Paleolithic site, Etruscan city (connected to Tarquinia), Roman municipium; in the Dark Ages was affected by the Gothic wars, but rises again as a free commune at the beginning of the Middle Ages. In the 14th c. it becomes part of the Papal States, until 1870. The medieval core of the city is still surrounded by walls: they are predominantly made up of tuff curtain walls, along which some fortified structures related to the ancient watchtowers remain, such as the ruins of the Castle of the ravelin. The current walls are the result of the post 16th c. restoration: the oldest are those Etruscans, of which few traces remain. In the place where probably stood the Etruscan acropolis, San Pietro hill, around 1093 AD the Church of St. Peter has been built. The portal and the richly decorated rose window characterize the facade. The interior is divided into three naves: on the right one are a ciborium dating back to the 13th c. and the main entrance to the crypt. This is a large room punctuated with 28 columns (all of them taken from Roman or early medieval buildings) that support the roof divided into small vaults. The Romanesque Church of St. Mary Major, has a facade with rose window and three finely decorated portals: in front there is a massive bell tower, possibly from a previous era. Impressive the archaeological sites of Madonna dell’Olivo and Grotta della Regina. The Archaeological Museum, hosted in S. Maria del Riposo previously a Benedectine church, preserves the archaeological remains found in Tuscania.

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Tuscania, old town

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