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Pet-friends - Agriturismo La Gismonda a Bracciano

Mou is looking forward for you to join us, for she wants so many cuddles. And she knows how to ask for them. She’s very polite (no barks, no bites): as she sees anyone she lies down on her back, waiting for pampering. Sometimes, during the night, she has to defend Romeo from the aggressive stranger black cat.

Few years ago Mea adopted us, after she decided she had to be the cat of us. Since she sets the agenda. She does’t like Romeo, but she tolerates him.

Romeo is an unlucky cat. He arrived at La Gismonda after having lost a cat’s fight and Mea didn’t want him around. Anyway we took care of him and he healed up. However, some nights, a black cat crosses the borders to duel him: poor Romeo always loses, but Mou saves him. He is a loving cat who likes being with humans.

George and Peppa are two minipigs which live with us since they were babies. They are sociable, and like to play with Mou: George even like to play with humans, while Peppa is more fearful, and she doesn’t come close to people. Mou help us when it’s time to bring the pigs back in the fence.

The geese are the guardians: they walk back and forth in the olive grove, signaling the suspicious (that is anyone, including us). When they were babies they were looking for cuddles: Ughetto was able to fall asleep being cuddled; than, after growing, they got temperamental.

Black cat is a bellicose stranger who, during the night, crosses the borders and fights Romeo. Luckily there’s Mou, who know very well the difference between friend cats and opponent cats.

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